Years in development, now federally approved as the ONLY alcohol sorbet brand in the US.



    Hard Ice, made with small batch spirits and real fruit purees.


    Hard Ice, hand crafted by a local distillery.


    Hard Ice, the spirits infused frozen cocktail that can be enjoyed anytime.

  • The Hard Facts

    Hard Ice is the Distilled Sorbet Brand

    • Rum is already frozen into your cocktail

    • Must be of legal age to enjoy Hard Ice

    • Proudly made locally

    • Fruit puree main ingredient: NOT artificial syrups found in crushed ice drink machines

    • Lower calorie content than preservative ridden syrup-based alcohol daiquiris and margaritas

    • Alcohol content in Hard Ice is approximately the same as beer, but…

    • Direct interaction with distillery manufacturer available to assist in on-premise setup

    • Promotional materials available, with successful venues entitled to customization


  • Featured Fruits

    Right now Hard Ice is limited to Rum and Strawberry, but don't worry... more featured fruits are on the way!

    Rum and Strawberry Rum and Mango (coming soon)
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  • Server Instructions

    Step by Step guide to delivering the best Hard Ice experience


    Serving Size: 2 Scoops (6 oz) from yellow scooper/disher

    Inventory rotation: grab tubs from top of freezer down to bottom



    5% ABV but made with 160 proof rum

    Real Strawberry Puree + Artisan Rum + European Stabilizer = Hard Ice

    Craft made by a local distillery

    Lactose Free

    First non-dairy brand of frozen alcohol to come from a distillery



    Approx. 125 calories per 6 oz serving

    Vegan friendly

    Celiac friendly

    Cures Hangovers


    Are you a distillery owner or want to have Hard Ice served at your local bar?

    Shoot us a message and we will get back to you by the next business day.